Enamel Colours

GHM operates Ireland’s only full-time, multi-oven enamelling plant that is available for trade and private customers. Therefore we perform all our own enamelling on the cookers we sell or refurbish. Not only do we carry out the enamelling but we also mill and mix our own enamels to our own formulas and each batch undergoes several quality checks before it is released into production to ensure the continuity of colours over time.

Because we control the complete process we control the quality and you can be assured that our standards are very high, which makes us very proud of our products and means that you can expect a beautiful, hard-wearing vitreous enamelled finish to your cooker.

We offer 14 standard colours but if you don't see the colour or shade you want; we can provide a colour matching service where we can work to a RAL reference, a colour swatch or sample, please contact us for more information.

1-7Enamel Colours8-14

  1. BLACK – High gloss finish with a deep luxurious lustre
  2. JADE – A less intense and slightly pastel shade of green
  3. IVORY – A couple of shades off-white with an antique quality
  4. GREEN SHADED – Green centre panels with blended black edges
  5. MINK SHADED – Beige centre panels with blended brown edges
  6. GREEN – Slightly lighter than British racing green
  7. DUCK EGG BLUE – A light pastel blue slightly more intense than baby blue
  8. RED – An intense and vividly bright red. Similar to post box red
  9. HEATHER – A more pastel and lighter form of lavender
  10. CLARET – A deep wine coloured red
  11. CASHEL CREAM – Our take on a 1950’s classic
  12. CLARET SHADED – Claret centre panels with blended black edges
  13. WHITE – Bright high-gloss, radiant white
  14. BLUE – A shade lighter than navy blue with a hint of purple