Scandia Cottage Stove

The Cottage Stove is perfect for a small family or a country retreat. This attractive stove features a cast iron oven for even heat distribution. Large cooktop provides ample space for pots and pans, whilst the large fully sealed firebox will conserve your fuel input by its efficiency. hot water jacket is available for the heating of domestic hot water.


Seasoned and dry wood, coal all burn effectively and efficiently. Fuel consumption and cooker output will vary according to the calorific value and quantity of fuel used.


  • Approved 140mm (51⁄2”) flue connects to top of cooker.
  • Minimum length 3.6m (12’).


  • Attractive Traditional Styling
  • Cast Iron Oven with Temperature Gauge
  • Large Cooking Surface
  • Large Fire Box
  • Domestic Hot Water Boiler (optional)
  • Platerack and Splashback
  • Overnight Burning
  • Simple Controls
  • Efficiency and Economy
  • Thermal clearance testing to New Zealand / Australian Standards 2918:2001, (Appendix B)

Contact us for prices and availability.

We offer a full installation service; however the price may vary depending on any additional preparation work required such as for the chimney or plumbing.

Due to the nature of the casting process all dimensions are subject to slight +/- variations.