Stanley 80

A reconditioned Stanley 80 from GMH is a medium sized heating cooker with dramatic lines and large panels that looks good in dual colours like the original brown frame with white panels. It can heat up to 10 radiators and has a large storage compartment running the width of the cooker under the oven and fire box.

Heat from the firebox can be directed to the oven or the boiler via two damper controls located conveniently above the oven and there is a spin-wheel on the fire door for additional airflow control. GMH can offer this robust and reliable appliance in both its original solid fuel format.

There are options for a plate rack & splash back panel and hot plate cover for some models. The solid fuel model is a multi-fuel appliance and can be fired from the front or top on some models.

Stanley 8 on legsSolid Fuel Configurations

  • Solid fuel and boiler for up to 8 radiators


  • Large capacity roasting oven
  • Burns all types of dry solid fuel
  • Oven temperature indicator
  • Large surface hotplates
  • Lower warming drawer
  • Heats up to 10 radiators
  • Front and top firebox loading
  • Optional plate rack and splash back


Stanley 80
  1. Height 890mm
  2. Width 910mm
  3. Depth 565mm
  4. Depth to bracket 610mm
  5. Width at widest point (legs) 950mm
  6. Flue 5” (125mm) rear centred: H725mm x 380mm from RH edge. Top connection option available
  7. Boiler flow pipe 1” BSP rear connection, centred: H822mm x 100mm from LH side panel edge
  8. Boiler return pipe 1” BSP rear connection, centred: H575mm x 100mm from LH side panel edge
  9. Boiling hotplate W250mm x L405mm
  10. Simmering hotplate 240mm circle
  11. Oven W400mm x H325mm x D410mm
  12. Fuel: multi-fuel: wood & coal
  13. Firebox dimensions: W250mm x H310mm x D390mm
  14. Storage compartment W830mm x H290mm x D440mm
  15. Height to top of plate rack 1391mm

Heat Output to Water

  • Total heat output: 20kW
  • Heat output to water: U9 boiler 13.76kW sufficient for 8 radiators


  • Max. Weight: 345Kg
  • Hotplate cover and splash back cost options for this cooker.

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Due to the nature of the casting process all dimensions are subject to slight +/- variations.